Last Will And Testament of Peggy Lyn Pinhey


I hereby appoint my son, Brandon James Marshall as executor of my Estate.


In the bank account which includes the name “Brandon J. Marshall.”

I leave the money in that account to my son, “Brandon J. Marshall.”

To my husband, Robin Jon White, I leave the money in our joint account which does not include the name Brandon James Marshall.

To my son, I also leave any and all original and copyrights to my music, pictures, poetry, scripts, videos, film, diary and all art, in any form and in any medium present or in the future, including music, song, poetry, lyrics, diary, film, video, photos, writings, diary, scripts, poetry, prose, encrypting and any and all future technology applied to my artwork.

I leave my son all copyrights and rights to the above artworks which are copyright prior to the year 2000;  being all copyrights in all forms past present and future to my marriage to Robin Jon White.

To my husband, Robin Jon White I leave 50% song copyrights which include his name, as we agreed upon being shared at 50% / 50%, with  50% copyrights to me and 50% copyrights to him;  being the copyrights 2000, being one set of copyright songs.

I hereby leave my 50% of ‘our’ song copyrights after the year 2000 to my son,

Brandon J. Marshall.


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Please note that music and lyrics being songs are the only form of artwork shared with my husband Robin Jon White, and that no other form of art in my collection of artwork has been or has ever been copyright to Robin Jon White.  The television show titled,

“The Peggy Penny Show” includes the named Producer, “Brandon James Marshall” and the television show is copyright to Peggy Lyn Pinhey and hereby willed rights to my son,

Brandon James Marshall.

Please note that no other artwork copyright Peggy Penny has been shared with any person.

To both my son, Brandon James Marshall;   and to my husband, Robin Jon White,

I include the right to will inherit copyrights mentioned here.

To my son, Brandon James Marshall I leave explicit instructions to maintain and update all copyright works as needed;  being that the rights and laws keep changing in technology and form;   and I ask my son, Brandon James Marshall to allow present and future blood line family members to use and enjoy all of my artwork at his discretion and that Family blood line present and future can request use of my artwork for sale and commercial business to Brandon James Marshall at his discretion.

I leave the right to use, distribute and sell any and all forms of my artwork, both before and after 50% copyrights from marriage to Robin Jon White;  to Brandon J. Marshall.

Should Brandon J. Marshall not be available to execute this will, I hereby appoint,

Evan James Marshall and Kendall Lydsey Marshall with equal shared copyrights;

Guardian by their mother, Tracy Lydsey Marhsall.


Executed on this day, October 21, 2017                             Peggy L. Pinhey

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No other Will has been signed and witnessed prior to this Last Will and Testament

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