WITCH RIVER (Episode 22)

azio closes his eyes and concentrates on bringing his aura to a beacon of yellow light.


He holds a picture of Ampero to his heart.


He lets the voice come into his mind.


It is Ampero’s voice. She speaks to him softly and makes him feel loved.


She gently whispers personal secrets that begin to warm his ears.


“If we can ‘see ourselves” “in ‘others,'”  She breathes deeply,


“Then, that is” “‘how’ we can see that ‘love exists’ ” “in ‘the world’ we live in.”


“We can ‘relate’ with others.”   “We ‘relate’ with ‘who is’ ‘relative’ ‘of the people we love.’


Ampero exhales and sighs a positively shhhh  quiet grrr-unt sound.” Lazio mind and body go sharp. “And in the same way,” She goes on. ” We can see” ‘how’ to have” “Peace.”


“At least, that is what I think.   At least, I have an idea.” “Well, that is ‘how’ I can see peace, anyway.  I have a whole plan.” She laughs her girlish giggles.


Lazio  feels  Ampero’s laugh flush his cheeks with a beam of her joy.


He feels the memory of her tiny nibbles on his ear lobe.


Lazio fights to hold his concentrates knowing she will disappear again if he does not.


“We all have different experiences with growing up into adults”


“What do you foresee for yourself?”


“You said you see yourself in me.”


“That you love me.”


“What do you foresee?”  “Tell me.”

Mother Angel

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The Luv from Heaven above”

is ours as a Gift from God.”

Is there anything more singable”

than Luv?”

Lazio repeats Ampero’s words again,

only this time, he argues.

Ampero sing to me melodies from your heart.”

Teach me to sing from the highest moun-tains.”

Lazio reaches out, his hair a stark flame.

He flickers in the cool breathe of dark her name. 

“Ampero.  Ampero!”

Ampero, don’t leave me alone!”

Lazio starts to cry,

Don’t leave me.” “Come back my Luv.”

Come back,” he calls to the sky.

Ampero, you are my true Luv,  without you, I will die.”

Your smile lights my path.”

Please, come back.”  “Please, come back.”

“You are my better half.”

Lazio tears rain down his cheeks.

You are mine, you are my woman.”

Please catch me as I am man,”

“As I fall in Luv with you”

“again and again.”

You are my best friend.”

Copyright 2000 Peggy Penny-All Rights Reserved-opt out