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Dated:  March 18, 2017  Update:  February 6, 2019

By the cause of mis-data in multi media social communication networks;

A synchronized internet viral attack and threat (Ransom Virus) of the world’s internet information is going on right now.

The attack has “an agenda”

Government is limiting bandwidth to prevent civil unrest and up risings in the USA.

Limiting Countries, people from sharing art, knowledge, education, ideas music, technology and the whole zoo because the linex mac based virus has a political agenda.

The agenda is “Leveling”

A Social Report  on Two New Major Internet Policies


Net Neutrality Policy One (1) :

The policy set restrictions on internet service providers that prevent them from prioritizing web traffic and slowing down content. Supporters say it created a level internet playing field. But the broadband industry sees the rules as over-regulation.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unveiled the plan for

“rolling back net neutrality.” 

Undoing net neutrality would mean big changes for how customers access the internet, the plans and services that broadband companies provide, and how web companies reach their consumers.

Net SSL Security Policy Two (2) :

This policy includes SSL, Security, Domain Names, Credit Card Companies and Financial Institutions’ costs to Individuals rather than large internet companies.

Internet Companies that offer individuals a percentage of sales by becoming

“Affiliates and/or Co-Brands” are now “Requiring” domain name owners who are marketing THE INTERNET COMPANY’S PRODUCTS to pay for domain names,

SSL certificates and Security fees;

even though affiliates, co-branders and marketers are

                                            NOT taking


“Rolling back net neutrality” makes it easier for group criminals to set up fake sites to lure individuals into becoming affiliates and co-branding marketers who are being ‘set up’ to take the responsibility;  while group criminal gain large data of credit card numbers.

Credit card companies and individuals are going to have to cover the cost and the fake credit charge losses when group criminals run up charges, and sell credit card numbers to other group criminals.

The Domain Names, SSL fees, Security fees and Financial Institutions and Credit Card Loss approximates at

   $14 Trillion in US Dollars in the next eight years


The Nov. 1, 2016   “Large Search Engine Conglomerate Company” ranking policy creates


‘SSL Certificates’ are simply the domain name company verifying the correct name and address of the domain name owner.  ‘Security’ keeps personal information private.  To obtain the ‘secure’ information to challenge credit card fraudulent charges, the domain name company has to be subpoenaed to give out the ‘secured’ information.

Unhappy customers will have to first subpoena the domain name company to get the address and phone number of the domain name owners;

Then subpoena the domain name owner to hold them responsible for unhappy credit card transactions.  Most people will simply report the credit card charges as fraudulent and the credit card companies and/or financial institutions will begin having to take the significant losses.

The Large Internet Companies and Group Criminals thereby escape responsibility while individual’s bandwidth access will give internet customers MORE access to fraudulent data and criminal activities by preventing them from prioritizing web traffic and slowing down content.

These two policies combined will “CREATE”    “An Economic Wave”

of “Dis-Information Data” and

Significant loss to credit card companies, financial institutions and to the individuals who have become affiliates and/or co-branders, plus individuals who will be forced to pay the fraudulent credit card losses and costs while their opportunities to access secure sites becomes diminished by net neutrality bandwidth.



How Taking $14 Trillion in The Market” in SSL fees, Security fees and in untraceable credit card charges is an estimate $14 Trillion in US Dollars by 2025 taking full effect in the next eight years;

It will be creating  “DIS- INFORMATION- DATA” and

the losses and the “Responsibility” of costs will be on

“Individual USA Citizens” (English)  and “Credit Card Companies / Financial Institutions.”




Let’s multiply find the cost

Annual Cost

$14.99 for a Domain Name per year +                                                                                             $37 for SSL Certificate per year     =

$51 per year for Domain Name and SSL Security

Multiply $51.00 by  The International Census Stats on how many small international domain names are sold annually with an annual increase of 12 million each year

326.4 million in March 2016 + 12 million= 338.4 million

adding 12 million each year x 8 years  = 338.4 million + 96 million (12×8) =

434.4 million domain names estimated by 2025

with 55.5% being in English

$51.00 ( SSL Certificate annual cost)   x  (434.4 million) =  $22154.4 (22.1 Trillion)

divided by 55.5% English Country Code = $11 Trillion (approximated)


Credit Card and Financial Institution Losses due to criminal activity, security and attorney fees (425 million estimated per year x 8)  =  3.4 Trillion + 11 Trillion = $14.4

Approximated:   $14 Trillion in U.S. Dollars.

I estimate it will take eight (8) years for these two policies to take full effect on the internet and for other large search engine companies to also change in policy to get out.

(I use this estimate time frame from the information given that SSL Securities are being sold three (3) years at a time;  (2x) plus one year of realization by the public.

aka:  public panic aka:  The Propaganda Virus

$14 Trillion in U.S. Dollars.  You can calculate it in YEN if you want.

To ease the costs would entail personal and small business’s  “SECURE SERVERS” which was the issue with Hillary Clinton’s e mail.     Do you remember that issue?  Oh yeah, that…  Yet with the bandwidth slowing down content, a personal server isn’t helpful.

As soon as a victim, regardless of their bandwidth;  files a complaint with a domain name company, or credit card company, the companies immediately notify the offenders that a complaint has been filed.

The offender simply transfers their domain name to another domain name company and again purchases “privacy and security” from another domain name company.

And around and around and around the victim goes…  so they report the fraudulent charges to their credit card company who have to write it off, or make the individual responsible for the costs because the individual cannot figure out who took their credit card and personal information.

While the offenders gets away with:

Other people’s credit line is used to make purchases,

Bank account and credit card information,

Personal information

Ransom of Information


Hate crimes,

Harassment crimes,

Stalking crimes and Basic fraud.



I would to also ask if this is inside trading?  Since Large Conglomerate Companies are creating policies to benefit and/or to cost their affiliates and co-branding companies… while limiting access for individuals and creates dis information data.




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Peggy Penny is an accredit Sociologist, Cal Poly Tech University.