HE NEWS is an example of conglomerated lies to the public regarding recycling.

The news reports that California Counties are beginning to eliminate ‘straws’ now from use;  just like grocery bags were eliminated.  But, it’s not for the Ecology that these things are being eliminated from free use.  The reason for the elimination is because the homeless are grouping together and form alliances that are controlling and gaining revenue from the recycling stations in California.


Plastic Bad.

What is really going on here in California.

I am not able to recycle anything because the homeless have a group that gets all the recycling or they harass people in ways I will not share on public forum.  I am not going to get in a fight over used and/or unwanted packaging and recycled trash.


The homeless are grouping themselves together and taking over recycling areas in California.  When a person comes to recycle their cans and bottles, the homeless are blocking the recycling line;  forcing innocent people trying to recycle to wait in never ending lines.  The person eventually becomes frustrated and out of time and most give up their recycling to the person in front of them;  or someone else in the recycling line.

But, those people are homeless intentionally holding up the line until people forfeit their recycled cans and bottles;  then pay off the recycling employee with a percent.  Homeless are even setting up ‘watch outs’ that beg for money at the corners while watching to top off when the police or sheriffs come to shut the down.

I am not able to recycle at home in the County marked recycle bin either because the homeless have a large group that gets all the recycling out of the bin before it’s picked up.  When I try to stop them or call the police, I get harassed with trash and beer cans left on and used to scratch up my car.  I am not going to fight over my used and unwanted packaging or the value of the said ‘trash.’  So, the homeless win, they get their percent.

Cities in California State agencies respond by taking away grocery bags and now straws as a recycling no no,  but Counties are really trying to eliminating all the recyclables they are able to control to help keep the public safe.

Large soda and bottling companies don’t want to change their packaging due to the large cost to their company.  So, Counties can’t stop the aluminum and bottle glass recycling without new State legislation forcing soda and bottling companies to use different ways to package their products.  Unfortunately, there are few choices to replace aluminum and glass bottle packaging;  and so Counties are eliminating as much as they can to protect the public from the homeless groups that are gathering State by State.