USA Citizen’s Intellectual Property Rights

How blatant.  People do not care.  People are Conditioned, Complacent.

Every day the radius of real news draws closer to individuals affected by

the propaganda virus.  They  become “infected” when “affected” by the fake news

virus on the internet.

The infecting persons don’t even care if they give their computer virus or get caught with a computer virus because everyone eventually gets some kind of computer virus on the internet.  Why just today, The US Patent Office caught the propaganda virus, not from me.  But, from someone following me.

I reported it to a reporter this time.  I mean, how many government agencies need to be over taken by this smoke and mirrors disappearing act?

They get caught, they get rewarded more?  Not by me.

The group system failure does not care if it gets caught.

US Patent Office does not care if they get caught and

the persons do not care if they get caught.  Quid Pro Quo.

It gets more information and it spreads if everyone catches it.

If I tell you that the US Patent office is downloading out of the internet with everyone’s information and patent number;  to be used and scrambled, so it’s all free.  It’s dis-information, nothing is sacred, preserved, history or truth anymore.  Nothing.  I can’t tell you what is going on or it will be going on.  A bad rumor mill, isn’t it?

It’s a political statement; It has no right to ‘decide’ for me.

I object to making my patent public information and free use.

If all my “intellectual property” is free.  How can I afford to think freely.  Life has expenses.  I’m not going to give away the icing on the cake, the flick of the fire switch;

or the algorithm to the application.





1:31 PM (22 hours ago)

to me


All access to file applications or follow on documents using EFS WEB are down.  We are currently unable to access any applications to give you a status or resolve an issue using EFS WEB.  We DON’T currently have an ETA for this system.  Please review the USPTO guide lines for submitting documents that apply to your situation.  If you still have your current issue on the next business day please resubmit your email or call the USPTO offices to resolve your filing problems.

Roosevelt Hall
Functional Specialist Agent 28
Patent Electronic Business
Telephone: 1-866-217-9197

EFS-Web Registered and Private PAIR users now have access to DOCX and XML features. Applicants can file structured text via EFS-Web, access structured text submissions, structured text Office actions, and XML downloads via Private PAIR. For additional information, please visit DOCX Intake Quick Start Guide and Access and Download DOCX Quick Start Guide


Patent Intellectual Property
belonging to United State’s Citizens has been
and continues to be downloaded for duplication.
Patent information has been and continues to
be taken / stolen for use:  then;
         “duplication and scramble”
by a red alert dos page spawning program
aka:  “The Propaganda Virus”
It looks like the cat fish, the lone person that wants to ‘catch’ something while it is monitoring the desktop and /or all the social media sites where I go…  for example twitter literally puts a bell on it’s accounts so they can better follow my twitters.  So, of course if I mark an e mail to the us patent office it will red alert steal it from me.  Of course.  How better to catch the loan spreader of this virus?

Really Happening in my life makes it … REAL NEWS

This Fake News is an
Internet Virus Bully
and it is Bad For The World
Because it’s Bad for Human Relations

For five years an internet bully virus has been abusing me personally and professionally.

This includes my banking, in a life that matters to me; and it includes properties that matter to me and would matter to most folks.

The Value Stolen in Words;   In A Text Virus

The Propaganda Virus is programmed to steal and scramble intellectual property.

How can mere words hurt in a text propaganda virus of fake news?

Words can hurt a business with Gossip, Rumors and Innuendos that intends to offend others and carry with it an offensive meaning and understanding;

for example, my small business web site “”   has  ‘a propaganda virus’

web site’ attaching itself on search engines to my stage name.  It uses text describing pornography with child abused then has attached to my small entertainment business web site to ruin my good name and reputation working with children at schools.

I use to work for the school district.  My resume information was stolen by and used against me by the propaganda virus web site.  I had to excuse myself from my job to not  put children, their families and the other teachers and other adults at risk.

The web site describes itself as “Freedom of Speech” by spreading fake news propaganda virus, ruining my career using words.  And worst of all, the children and the schools lost a dedicated person committed to helping children and schools.

Do you think any school would take a chance and hire me after reading I am a pedophile?  After seeing me super imposed into pornography pictures?

Do you think the schools have time to fully back round check me to find out if it’s fake or real?  How does my interview go?  I have to explain this at my interview?  Five years ago when this all started, Trump wasn’t President and nobody used the term, “fake news.”

In addition, the school doesn’t want the virus, so are they going to hire me and put the entire school and staff at risk for the propaganda virus?


“The Propaganda Virus.”     Look Out   !




Fake news in history (yesterday) is designed to damage and devalue intellectual property of tomorrow.  Think about that statement.  If all the history you know and learn is fake, then how can you stop from repeating it?

How can we as a people learn and not make the same mistakes again and again?

Who would want that?

Fake News Damages and Devalues Intellectual Property by people who think it would be cool if everything in the world was free.

Everything in the world is free?  Isn’t that a political idea?

Fake News is a form of attack…   that is political.

If it’s someone’s political opinion being forced upon you,

then are






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