HE NEWS is an example of conglomerated lies to the public regarding recycling.

The news reports that California Counties are beginning to eliminate ‘straws’ now from use;  just like grocery bags were eliminated.  But, it’s not for the Ecology that these things are being eliminated from free use.  The reason for the elimination is because the homeless are grouping together and form alliances that are controlling and gaining revenue from the recycling stations in California.


Plastic Bad.

What is really going on here in California.

I am not able to recycle anything because the homeless have a group that gets all the recycling or they harass people in ways I will not share on public forum.  I am not going to get in a fight over used and/or unwanted packaging and recycled trash.


The homeless are grouping themselves together and taking over recycling areas in California.  When a person comes to recycle their cans and bottles, the homeless are blocking the recycling line;  forcing innocent people trying to recycle to wait in never ending lines.  The person eventually becomes frustrated and out of time and most give up their recycling to the person in front of them;  or someone else in the recycling line.

But, those people are homeless intentionally holding up the line until people forfeit their recycled cans and bottles;  then pay off the recycling employee with a percent.  Homeless are even setting up ‘watch outs’ that beg for money at the corners while watching to top off when the police or sheriffs come to shut the down.

I am not able to recycle at home in the County marked recycle bin either because the homeless have a large group that gets all the recycling out of the bin before it’s picked up.  When I try to stop them or call the police, I get harassed with trash and beer cans left on and used to scratch up my car.  I am not going to fight over my used and unwanted packaging or the value of the said ‘trash.’  So, the homeless win, they get their percent.

Cities in California State agencies respond by taking away grocery bags and now straws as a recycling no no,  but Counties are really trying to eliminating all the recyclables they are able to control to help keep the public safe.

Large soda and bottling companies don’t want to change their packaging due to the large cost to their company.  So, Counties can’t stop the aluminum and bottle glass recycling without new State legislation forcing soda and bottling companies to use different ways to package their products.  Unfortunately, there are few choices to replace aluminum and glass bottle packaging;  and so Counties are eliminating as much as they can to protect the public from the homeless groups that are gathering State by State.





Protected: The Spread of Hate Towards Civil War – Stop The Hate Crimes

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Protected: Understanding “Poly Viral Attack” aka: “Panic, Propaganda and/or Ransom” Attacks

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Micro Attacks on USA Citizens

Much has been talked about The Russian’s hacking to steal the recent election.  And I too was pinged by an isp number that lead to a page titled, “The Russian Federation” appearing to be the listing from the Russian Internet Provider.

I believed immediately that it was nothing but “PROPAGANDA.”

But, for the past thirteen (13) years I have been under attack by ‘propaganda.’

False information about myself and spawning ‘my name’ onto obituaries porn sites, social media sites and e mail addresses.

I am under attack by misinformation about my character, employment history, personal appearance and lifestyle with a very obvious element of stalking and unlawful acts.

A ‘story’ told me that some kind of notification system informs the stalker when I post anything online.  I have run every virus protector with no change.

An entire web site about me that is dedicated to spreading false pictures and information, along with accusations of being a child molester.

I was working for the local school district when this web site began to stalk me and spread strange and dangerous propaganda about me.  I was literally working with two autistic boys when all this first began.  I was unable to prevent the attack.

This is a propaganda attack on a USA citizen.

To protect the children and the schools that I worked for, I excused myself from my job

with disability injury.  Yes, I excused myself to protect the safety of the children and school.  A job that took me 14 years of education to credential in order to qualify to help autistic children.  And in one sweep, this attack took all that away from me.  I also filed Bankruptcy on my student loan.  I told the judge that information given to me was fake.

And it is going to happen to you too.

The sites are designed to look like a fun pop newspaper  style news site.  “Stories” attack your education, employment, described your home and even threaten your family directly.   And when you attempt to report this stalking activity to law enforcement, they do not know what to do, so they do nothing.

I couldn’t even get the Sheriff’s Department to take a report!

or spell my name correctly.

Why would someone spend so much time and hours to build a web site just about me?  And, as if this isn’t stalking enough, the web site url is a past url that I owned and did not renew.  The whole web site is evidence of cyber stalking.  But, why?  who?  what?   and how to get it to stop?

Calls and personal visits to my local law enforcement left me frustrated and insulted.

I even reported this to the FBI.  Not for myself, but ‘for other people to know to beware.”

I was told I was ‘just embarrassed’ by it and that I must have brought this on myself.

Am I being raped?  What kind of non – answers are these coming from local law enforcement and the FBI?

I am a Citizen of The USA and a natural resource.

I’m not going to tell you the site name that is attacking me.

I cannot tell you what to do from here.  If you want to see the full spectrum of this attack on a USA citizen, it’s up to you to decide whether you can handle the risk of opening the internet to read all you can about it.

And please note, that is how the propaganda attack is winning.

If I tell you, you catch it.  If I don’t tell you, you are vulnerable to catch it.

I can’t show you the damage it is causing.  I can’t show you what is happening because if I do, the attack spreads.

If there are any techs that can help me, please e mail me with your instructions.  I have run virus protectors, know the name of, researched laws and asked help from FBI.  Nothing has stopped the attack.

The 1st Amendment gives us the right to freedom of speech, and I guess that also means mis-information about others.  But think of this freedom like a car.

Everybody can drive the car,

but if that car causes damage, then it is a weapon.

And by the way, my right to freedom of speech is squelched by this attack.  I won’t even tell you the name of the site because I am protecting you from the same attack.

Yes, hard copies on file of everything!  Yes, I believe The Fake News can be caught right now if someone would help me NOW.   It could put the Fake News to bed.

The “Fake News” is not “Fake News” because it is “NOT NEW.”

This has been going on for years without enforcement that can stop every and all of the world’s information and documents from being scrambled into rubble.  And who or what is to determine what is true and what is not?


It’s not “NEWS” and it’s not “FAKE”

It’s the same old un-peaceful world.



Peggy Penny

Protected: Witch River – episode 33

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