The Eight Elements

          The Eight Elements of Music

Music has eight elements that composers and performers manipulate to create

musical pieces that stir hearts and souls. 
The elements are:
rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, tone, color, texture and form

are what formulate the “language of music” and influence our interpretations

of what we hear and/or read.
Imagine yourself an actor reading a script.  You must “read between the lines” and

input your own interpretation of the song.
How many ways can you read the lyrics I wrote? 

How do you know what tone and dynamics to use? And why?

The saying, “You cannot tell a book by its cover” can better explain
the thoughts and meaning of any one of the songs that I have written

on a personal level. 

Who or what is the song about?

One element is missing from the eight. 

The element of being “a poet/songwriter” is “motivational.”

The element of “wanting” to write a poem/song.”

Peggy Penny
Copyright 2000 Peggy Penny